What’s Happening in the Shop Now!


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TJ with the awesome 4BT Cummins – Expedition Rig (Specs on this rig coming soon)


1988 Toyota


CJ7 Build


2017 Jeep JK Build


2017 F-250 – BDS Suspension




2006 4 Runner – Bumper Install



Willies – This Willies is prepping for the “Alaska or Rust 2017” run. Currently the rear diff is being rebuilt and we are doing brake work.


2017 4 Runner – Icon Suspension Upgrade


Cherokee getting a new transfer case and drive shaft.




2011 JK – Upgrade to flat fenders and the new Teraflex Falcon shocks.



Black JK – Skid Plate Addition for added protections


Engine Swap

FJ Cruiser – Icon Coil Over Suspension Upgrade

Grey Rubicon – Suspension Upgrade

Silver TJ – Repairing body mounts and welding the roll cage to the frame.


Custom built rock sliders.


’03 TJ – Frame Repair and Engine Work


In the below two pictures you can see how much movement there is in the timing chain.

New timing chain installed.


New frame rails for the ’03 Silver TJ – These are made by Saf T Cap. These frame rails will go over top of the existing frame after they are cleaned and painted.

After cleaning up the rust on the frame we welded on the new frame rails.

Painting the frame.

Installing new suspension parts.

2016 Toyota Tacoma – Icon Suspension Upgrade – Come back and check out the after pictures!

BEFORE                                                                  AFTER

BEFORE Installation:

2017 JK – Suspension upgrade with Fox Shocks.

Relocated the brake line bracket so that longer brake lines are not needed. Install N-Fab step bars.

2017 Rubicon JK – Installing a new suspension with tires and wheels.

Transmission upgrade for the 85′ Laredo

This upgrade will increase the strength, durability and the crawl ratio. There will be further modifications for the install.

1985 Laredo – Genright Flat Fender Kit Install

1985 Laredo – Full Roll Cage Custom Build

Replacing the ball joints, shocks and springs.  Also, replacing the bushings for one of the control arms.

4 wheel alignment after parts replacement has been completed.


Load Lifter 5000 made by Airlift being added to this Ford F-150. This kit helps level the truck while towing. The air valves were installed in the rear bumper.

Final repairs to the frame of the ’01 TJ with a fresh coat of paint.


We cut the rear part of the frame and welded in new frame parts.

When inspecting this TJ we found some extensive rust to the rear of the frame. This required removal of the gas tank and rear bumper so we could repair the frame.

2001 TJ – The jeep has been in a downward spiral for the past few years. It’s back in the shop now for some much needed attention. After the initial inspection we found that the front track bar was toast.  The rotors, calipers and ball joints all need to be replaced.  All of the control arm mounting point bolt holes have to be resized. Over time the hardened bolts have made the bolt holes wider causing the control arms to shift and move.  We can resolve this a number of ways. In this particular situation we are welding 3/8 in washers on the mounting point.  We are also fabricating a new front track bar. We will be adding more pictures as we assess and repair this TJ.


Installing a AMP Research PowerStep system on this JK.  The step bar will retract when the doors close and extend when the doors open. This system also lights up at night.


1983 CJ7 – Raised the fiberglass tub off of the frame and getting ready to do a frame swap. As you can see in the below pictures there some repairs to the body tub we are going to address.  The fiberglass body was not installed correctly which resulted in the current state of the body tub and ultimately costly repairs. We will be posting pictures as we go through the process of some of these repairs.

The body tub on this YJ has seen better days.  We just tore this rig down to its frame. After some frame restoration we will be putting it back together with the red YJ body you see below.

Self Etching Primer Coating

1983 CJ7 Frame swap. Just installed the straight 6 on the frame. More pictures to come!